Our Lands

Casa De Ropa have access to a total of 220 hectares parcel of land for production. The land is prepared ready for commercial production. We believe in the long-term stewardship of the land we farm as owners, We are committed to responsible farming methods to increase sustainability and protect the wider environment. We respect the soils that we work, aiming to maintain, and where possible, improve soil organic matter levels through cover cropping or applications of organic manures or composts


Our Dam and Irrigation System

Due to recent unreliability of the rainfall pattern and general climatic changes in Ghana, and most part of the world, Casa de Ropa limited have created dams with irrigation systems for all year-round production and with optimum advantage to ensure maximum production to meet customer demands.

Farm Implements

We make use of modern farming implements for land preparations, clearing, ploughing and making ridges for the potato vines. We have a boom sprayer for spraying and as well as all other equipment needed for commercial production of the sweet potatoes.