Casa de Ropa is a Ghanaian-private limited liability company, which focuses on farming, food processing and consultancy. Registered under the Ghana Companies Code, Act 179 of 1963. The company was incorporated in 2014 and was issued with a certificate to commence business in the same year.

We are for-profit social venture whose programs and activities are geared towards promoting healthy eating, poverty alleviation and wealth creation in the local communities in Ghana. We believe primary production is the most reliable and consistent stepping stone and means to improve livelihood of people in our local communities.


our vision is to heighten the prestige of farming among the educated youth. Making a case that farming is one of the sure ways to create decent wealth


our mission is to steadily contribute toward food security and provide reliable quality seed for production at all times.



Our focus is to produce quality agricultural products using improved production knowledge and technology, value addition and marketing innovations to gain multiple benefits for all the actors in our value chain. Casa de Ropa Limited produce in commercial quantities high quality orange fleshed sweet potato and beans. Other crops Casa de Ropa produces are oil palm and coconut. Casa de Ropa also produces local seeds of vegetables for production and preservation for future farmers. We also educate farmers to adopt modern farming technologies and to also manage their farms as business entities.